Hangover ???

After doing my filing for the household papers, I decided to check my e-mails and here is what greeted me . . .

Where You Won't Shop In 2009


Being in the retail business, this scares the h*** out of me . . . to think, a lot has been said about the worse still coming . . . "If  the party ended last 2008, we will feel the hangover in 2009 . . ."

Alka Seltzer anyone?


Thanks Bro for the tickets . . . I am really glad we went.  I thought these things happen only on TV
but it was very real.  . .

Mama kept trying to avoid getting slain. 

Being slain in the spirit is a phenomenon that has swept the Church during the past 30 years. This usually occurs during a service in the company of many believers, but not always. The term derives from the fact that the person involved, in a state of spiritual euphoria, loses physical control so that they cannot stand, and usually experience an altered state of consciousness. The person falls to the floor (usually assisted by "catchers" who help the person down), and lays either motionless or quivering, until the euphoria passes....perhaps one or two minutes, sometimes after several hours.

Plan your holidays

Regular Holidays

  • April 6 (Monday) -  Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor)

  • April 9 (Thursday) -  Maundy Thursday

  • April 10 (Friday) - Good Friday

  • May 1 (Friday) - Labor Day

  • June 12 (Friday) - Independence Day

  • August 31 (Monday) - National Heroes Day

  • November 30 (Monday) - Bonifacio Day

  • December 25 (Friday) - Christmas Day

  • December 30 (Wednesday) - Rizal Day

Special Non-Working Days

  • August 21 (Friday) - Ninoy Aquino Day

  • November 1 (Sunday) - All Saints Day and November 2 (Monday) - All Soul’s Day

  • December 24 (Thursday) - Christmas Eve and

  • December 31 (Thursday) - New Year’s Eve

back to reality

while my sibs are busy thinking how they can get mullah, I was busy accompanying papa to his marathon of check-ups the whole day.  We were originally scheduled to see Dr. Litonjua for his Diabetes and Dr. Canlas for his dust mite desensitization chuchu.  But after the check-up with the latter, I decided to bring him to Dr. Jamora.  He was being given Lasix when in my humble opinion, I do not think he is congested and in need of it at all.  I feel it might do more harm than good, but I couldn't decide on something like this on my own when it comes to my own father so I came running to Dr. Jamora.

The place was packed, luckily, I was able to call early for an appointment and so we didn't have to wait for a long time.  I am thankful I brought him to Dr. Jamora, who can readily appease me and Papa as well.  I have given him all the strong antibiotics but it just wouldn't work, he still has productive cough.  Dr. Jamora decided to shift antibiotics to intramuscular route care of . . . me.  But Dr.  Jamora said nothing to worry about.  The exacerbation is expected most especially at this time, and he is going to be well.  He is also on steroids again care of me . . .I trust Dr. Jamora more than anyone else for Papa and he always delivers.  

Hope Papa gets well . . .

Chika - Rumor about Sen. Tito Sotto and Helen Gamboa going to splitsville some time ago probably isn't true.  The loving wife was with him, taking care of him while he waits for his turn to be checked by Dr. Jamora.  I was starstruck, she is stunning for her age.  I looked like Papa's nanny next to her . . .
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Broker will be given 4% fee

Unit 1202 Mahogany (Building C)

169 sq. meters

2 basement parking slots

Status : Has been turned over and can move in any time.

Price: 21M negotiable

Lease:  170k inclusive of monthly dues


Suburban condominium living, in the city.  Ayala Land Premiere provides its inimitable brand of luxurious condominium living in Bonifacio Global City through spacious units, top quality finishes, exclusive amenities, and unique greenery.


One Serendra is situated within the 12-hectare garden condominium development of Serendra.  Serendra’s prime location in the emerging business district of Bonifacio Global City assures unparalleled access to world-class health and educational institutions and top financial commercial centers.  One Serendra is the lowest density condominium development in Bonifacio Global City and expanded Makati area.


One Serendra provides comfort and thoughtfulness to daily living.  Fine finishes of hardwood flooring, homogenous tiles and natural stone countertops, continuously enhancing the gracious suburban living experience with discerning taste.


This is a beautiful location nestled between Bonifacio High Street and Serendra Shops.   VERY NEAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MANILA AND BRITISH SCHOOL as well as other International Pre-schools.


One Serendra is a great family location with 65% green space on the property and amazing amenities including a huge pool, indoor basketball and badminton courts, and an arcade/billiards room! And function rooms.


On the other side of Serendra is convenient grocery shopping at Market! Market!. Additionally S & R warehouse shopping is a block away! As well as a complete home depot.


Very close to a reputable hospital equipped with the newest of technology.


Here are the details of the unit:


  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Full Comfort Rooms / 1 Powder Room
  • Located in One Serendra, top floor, Tower C, view of Antipolo skyline
  • Complete kitchen modules
  • Provision for 2 telephone lines per unit
  • Audio-video guest annunciator
  • CATV system
  • Provision for storage type water heater
  • Provision for split type air conditioning
  • Exhaust system for all bathrooms and kitchen
  • Individual metering for water and electricity
  • Living room and bedroom balconies
  • Bath tub in Master’s bedroom toilet & bath
  • Utility/maid’s area separate entrance with separate toilet & bath
  • Powder room


These amenities are nestled amidst the lush greenery as well, recharging you mind and spirit while energizing your body


Exclusive spa and wellness center

Swimming pools

Gyms/fitness centers

Underground basketball and badminton courts

Game room

Social halls and function rooms

Children’s indoor and outdoor play areas

Jogging paths


Building Features:


2 Appurtenant basement parking slots for all units

Available guest parking slots at the retail area

Fully automatic sprinkler and smoke detector system

Visible and audible fire alarm system for residential units

Administrative Office, mail room, and centralized sanitary and disposal system

24-hour tight security

100% power back-up for units – no power interruptions

3 elevators in Mahogany



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